About Us

Tatsuno is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of petrol dispensing pumps and fuel retail solutions.

The main assets of Tatsuno are the unrivaled quality of its products and their originality. Designed to always be one step ahead, and made with world-class Japanese precision, all product undergoes extensive testing to ensure that they retain their top quality over extended periods of time. Comprehensive quality control is also secured for all products through highly trained and skilled maintenance and service personnel.

Over a history of more than 100 years since its establishment in 1911, Tatsuno has pioneered many technologies on the field of fuel distribution solution. Thanks to this, Tatsuno offers a wide variety of products suited to the specific needs of all customers and can provide countless solutions to satisfy the market’s countless demands, while continuously inventing new technologies and always being one step ahead.

Tatsuno is now working on the Internet of Things (IOT) as a core part of TCO innovation for the near future. Now, look toward the next 100 years, Tatsuno is committed to providing a long-lasting legacy for the future, and it will support the creation of next-generation service stations that incorporate state-of-the-art technologies.

Planning & Construction
Inspection & Repair

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