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Your excellent fuel dispenser service partner

Explore a world of unwavering support with Tatsuno Service. Our dedication extends beyond impeccable products to include comprehensive post-purchase assistance, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently. From expert maintenance to professional support, discover where reliability is not just promised, but assured. Navigate your journey with Tatsuno Malaysia – your partner in perpetually powered progress.

Quality Service

Tatsuno Malaysia delivers unparalleled quality services with its professional technician, and warehouse management teams, offering innovative, safe, and efficient fuel dispensing systems, complemented by routine professional inspections, precise calibrations, and comprehensive on-site maintenance, all aimed at enhancing operational reliability and safeguarding the environment, thereby ensuring that clients receive not only technologically advanced solutions but also unwavering support, sustaining the high standards of the fuel management and distribution sector, and fortifying its commitment to excellence, safety, and sustainable practices in every endeavor.



Planning plays a pivotal role in ensuring operational efficiency and service quality. At the cornerstone of this process is the stock-taking of fuel pump parts, maintenance schedule and schedule repair of parts. This involves a detailed system, ensuring that each component, from nozzles to hoses, is accounted for, enabling swift and efficient service when needed.


Technical team at Tatsuno Malaysia diligently navigates through the intricate world of fuel dispenser parts electronic research and enhancement.

Inspection and On-site Maintenance

Tatsuno Malaysia provides routine inspection and maintenance of fuel dispensers and nozzles, ensuring their optimal functionality, safety, and compliance with standards, while safeguarding operational efficiency and environmental integrity in the vital sector of fuel management and distribution.

Our Core Value

Tatsuno Malaysia is steadfastly committed to its core values of delivering quality service and focusing on customer needs, ensuring the provision of timely, on-schedule maintenance, and thereby establishing a trustworthy and reliable partnership with clients by consistently prioritizing their operational efficiency, safety, and satisfaction in every fuel management solution and service rendered.

Professional Services

Tatsuno Malaysia guarantees professional quality service, ensuring optimal, safe, and efficient operations in fuel management and parts distribution.

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