About Us

From the first, the original product development which made full use of expertise is all the sections of our company, grasp a visitor’s demand exactly, has a design and construction, and improvement in maintenance technology, and aims at offer of your much more satisfaction, quality technology which gets reliance, and service.

Our History

The history of Tatsuno has been woven with the background of various times, through the combination of the patronage and support of our customers , cooperation from our subcontracting companies and the high spirit and devotion of all our group members.


Latest News

Tatsuno Corporation HSSE audit & Lecture 2018

Date : 6th & 7th Sep 2018 Venue : Sh Bandar Utama & TEM training room Conducted : Mr. Ota & Mr. Mori (Tatsuno Corporation)   Tatsuno Corporation have conducting a HSSE audit & lecture to all our HSSE Supervisor. TC have guide on the Audit Checklist, all the supervisor observe & comment on the…

Crowcon Gas Detector Training/Refresher

Date : 5th Sep 2018 Venue : TEM Training room Conducted : En Muhammad Iqbal (One Gasmaster)   TEM have conducting a refresher for all the supervisor & front liners on how to operate a gas detector. We invite supplier to provide a basic handling & the functionality of the gas detector. We physically hands….


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